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What Our Students Say About Us:

During my short sabbatical last summer, I only took two weeks of private English lessons with Mary. Not only were these sessions interesting, but they were also diversified and fun. Upon my arrival, Mary had prepared a lot of materials (CD's, short stories, a DVD movie, actual press clippings, etc.) based upon my interests and professional background. In May, I got to know a well-prepared teacher as well as a person with very broad knowledge and a disposition to care about other cultures and other people. I learned a lot.
- Denyse, Zurich (high school mathematics teacher)

The lessons we did together are quite different from the lessons we usually take in Italy which are more static and often boring. Your materials, so well organized and mixed with a lot of subjects, always kept my attention and really enriched my knowledge of the language a lot. Your experience in this field is great!

- Roberta, Florence, Italy (music teacher)

Soon after my arrival in Boston, I was asked to give a presentation about my research at an important scientific conference. I was very nervous! Mary provided guidance with vocabulary, grammar and speaking style as well as much-needed support. My talk was a success. Mary and I continued our lessons in English for two more years.

- Ji Yeon, M.D., Ph.D., Seoul, Korea (research scientist)

The 40 hours I spent with Sue were among the most enjoyable and rewarding experiences that I've ever had. Sue is a great teacher and a great friend. She was always kind and patient. She listened carefully and knew exactly what my pronunciation problems were. She designed a course that was tailored to my needs. She helped me to realize some of my pronunciation issues … such as unclear endings of some words, and occasional missing of some consonants or vowels. I have made great progress in my pronunciation with Sue's help. What is more important I now have something to continue to work on-a self-practicing toolkit that Sue gave me.

- Wenchao, China (investment banker)

I teach a course called The History and Culture of Boston for ESL students. We take the Freedom Trail tour every semester and it is consistently the students' favorite part of the course. The students not only learn an immense amount of history and vocabulary, but they also enjoy interacting with the tour guides (Sue and Mary) by answering their questions and by asking questions of their own. This is a great benefit. The groups are small and personal, and the tours are lots of fun. Mary and Sue really make sure the students understand.

- Mike, Bunker Hill Community College (English as a Second Language professor)

The trip leader pointed out the famous places and the history about the places, and she was very funny so it makes (sic) the walk interesting for me.

- ESL student from China

Everything was perfect. Keep going.

- ESL student from Ethiopia

I like[d] it when she explained everything with many details.

- ESL student from Spain

[The guide] spent time explaining everything. She was able to answer questions…she was very friendly, flexible, and dedicated.

- ESL student from Haiti

Yesterday's tour was delightful. Thank you. I thought I knew a bit about Boston's history, but I learned so much from you yesterday.

- Host parent for ESL student
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